The Annual Cultural and Technical Fest of JCBUST


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The annual cultural and technical fest of JCBUST, YMCA


This category contains events related to competitive programming, problem-solving, web development, app development, and similar topics. These events are organized by Manan, the computer society of JCBUST.


This category consists of dancing events filled with energy and enthusiasm awaits you. These events are organized by Nataraja, the dancing society of JCBUST Faridabad.


This category consists of events related to creative arts whose products are very appreciative for their imaginative, aesthetic and intellectual content. These events will be organized by SRIJAN, the art society of JCBUST.


This category contains events related to music. These events are organized by Tarannum, the musical society of JCBUST.


This category consists of enthralling musicals, Nukkads and captivating acts performed by talented artists. These events will be organized by Vividha, the dramatics society of JCBUST.


This category is for mechanics driven by accelerating passion for technology and automobiles. Various events, regarding the same, will be organized by SAE club of JCBUST.


This category contains events related to electrial science. These events are organized by Samarpan club of JCBUST.


This category is for those who like being entangled between wires and circuits. Various events related to electronics will be organized by various electronic societies of JCBUST.


This is for those who a literary and poetic essence to their art of writing. Ananya, The Unparalleled of JCBUST welcomes organizes these events to unleash the poet within you.

photography &designing

Those willing to capture the beauty, the weirdness of nature and things around them should surely go for these events by to show some camera skills accompanied with art. Jhalak the photography club of JCBUST organizes these events.

fun events

Events like LAN gaming, treasure hunts, etc and etc are to bring a sense of joy to create a fruitful experience during the fest, every club has its own set of fun events.


For those, who have a keen interest in figuring out engines and making new and better ones with their mechanical skills should visit, the mechanical events organized by MechNext society in JCBUST.


Every club is willing to create an atmosphere where students interact, learn and have fun. So Social and Cultural events aim to create a sense of integrity among students.


Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. The continued practice of yoga will lead you to a sense of peace and well-being, and also a feeling of being at one with their environment.  This category consists of events comprising of yoga formations and a fitness face off organised by NIRAMAYAM : The Yoga Club Of JCBUST YMCA , Faridabad


This category contains events conducted by IEEE society of JCBUST.

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Date and Time

12pm (25th April, 2019) to 1pm (25th April, 2019)





Prince Batra (9999988888)
Prince Batra (9999988888)


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The J. C. Bose University of Science & Technology, Faridabad erstwhile YMCA Institute Of Engineering, was established as a joint venture of the National Council of YMCAs of India, Govt of Haryana, and the Central Agencies for Development Aid, Bonn, Germany. It started as an Indo-German project with an aim to impart technical education to a developing India on German pattern. In December 2009 it was awarded the status of state university by the state government, thus making it an autonomous institution. JCBUST, YMCA has been conferred “Best Upcoming University” award by Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India in Feb'14 under National Education Excellence Awards 2014.

JCBUST, YMCA has been awarded 'AAA+' by the Career360 Magazine in the year 2013, 2014 and 2015. JCBUST, YMCA has also been accredited with 'A' grade by NAAC. Our University has been mandated to affiliate 50+ B.Tech and B.Ed institutions.



Elements Culmyca, the annual inter-college cul-tech festival of JCBUST, YMCA has grown on to become one of the most popular college festivals of NCR. With 1000+ participating students, 40+ participating colleges and an expected footfall of over 10000, ELEMENTS CULMYCA'18 guarantees to be a sure hit. The upcoming 'Kalakaars' painting the entire college in the colours of their vivacity, the gaming freaks, the coding addicts. They are all a part of the same institution, busy doing what they do best. And when all these maestros get together to celebrate their individual talents they call that revelry: ELEMENTS CULMYCAone of the most awaited events of the festival calendar.

A time when the entire NCR comes to a standstill and all roads lead to just one destination: J. C. Bose University Of Science and Technology, YMCA.

J. C. Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA Faridabad

[Established by Haryana State Legislative Act No.21 of 2009 & Recognized by UGC Act 1956 u/s 22 to Confer Degrees]

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