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When entertainment meets innovation, CULMYCA begins! Elements Culmyca is the annual cultural and technical festival of YMCA UST. We have a melagne of metal and melody, hip hop and jazz, audacious street plays and the silent emotions of Charlie Chaplin too. With budding poets and passionate debators, Da Vincis and Zuckerbergs, here's a platform wherein you compete with the best. And folks, this three day extravaganza of Culture combined with Technology is no ordinary occassion. It is fun, it is different, it is huge, it is Elements Culmyca 2K17!

Elements Culmyca goes smart this year! Get ready to enjoy the perks of technology with our motto of development with digitisation and indulge in a digital fiesta incorporating a cashless economy. 'Paytm karo' and empower yourself with the 'Bheem' app. We do not dream big for the future this time instead, we intend to build it with our own hands. A future with serenity and solace, a future better than the past, a future ahead of the present. Culmycans will be brimming with ideas this season, and not just grooving to electrifying music. Match pace with the developing world with our 'Smart UniverCity' and experience an amalgamation of technology with culture. Witness an extravaganza where we attempt to make the globe smart, starting with our own campus, starting with you!

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